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Water Features

Landscaping with water features can enhance any yard or garden. The sound of moving water contributes a sense of peace and tranquility to a garden, making it more inviting, more livable, and a place of refuge. Also, moving water attracts birds and other wildlife. The ecosystem that develops in water gardens provides the opportunity to study nature up close and personal. The observation of the life cycle of fish, frogs and dragonflies is a great learning experience as well as entertaining. It is important that you create a water garden that reflects your personality as well as your surroundings. After all, a water garden should do more than complement its surroundings, it should complement you and your lifestyle. As with any project, some careful preparation and thought at the beginning will guarantee that your water feature will fit your purpose and lifestyle.

Many homeowners put off plans for a water garden because they think water gardens are too much effort to start, or require a great deal of time to maintain. Unfortunately these myths scare people away from water features and the many benefits they offer. If properly installed, water features of all kinds can be easy to maintain and enjoyed for years to come. We use the Aquascape system for our ponds and waterfalls. Aquascape is unlike most other systems, in that it creates an ecosystem which requires little maintenance. This leaves you more time to enjoy your outdoor living.

The sounds of a fountain or a splashing stream lures us, not to mention the flash of a golden fish or the brilliant blossoms of tropical looking water lillies. So why wait? Let Painter Landscaping create a masterpiece for you!